Power Rack Lexco LS-203

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Lexco Power Rack / LS-203 model

Discover our Lexco Power Rack / LS-203 model .  It is well to remember that the professional weight rack offers a complete station for strength training exercises. This equipment can also be used as storage for Olympic discs and barbell in your gym. It has 6 integrated disc supports and a bar rest. With this storage rack, you can save your sports space. Both ergonomic and robust, our Lexco Rack extension  creates real weight training equipment in a gym. It is perfect for equipping clubs, fitness centers, corporate gyms and luxury hotels.

Lexco Power Rack Model LS-203

Lexco Power Rack Model LS-203

[HEAVY DUTY FRAME]: Heavy-duty duty dutyduty frame construction with a weight capacity of 800 lbs. A large walk-in room allows for easy movement from side to side. Steel frame construction is 2 « x 2 » square. Over-the-head chin-up / pull-up grip bars with many positions
[CHROME SAFETY BARS]: Two chrome lock-on safety bars, each measuring 3 14 « . Two chrome twin mounted safety bars, each 23 » long. The safety bars may be adjusted to 19 different heights. 7 ‘Olympic bars are compatible with safety bars. 2 Stability bars in the back
High lat and low row pulley systems with high tensile strength nylon coated wire are included in [BALL BEARING PULLEY SYSTEMS]. Smooth operation with a 2 « x 2 » chrome guide rail.Attachments include a 39 « lat bar and a 20 » low row bar.

[ADJUSTABLE LEG HOLD-DOWN]: Leg Hold-down can be moved along the lengthy safety bars for a more secure and comfortable position. The height may be changed by moving the lengthy safety bars up and down along the railing.

Why choose to train on professional Lexco Rack weight training equipment?

For its great versatility in strength training exercises, the rack is a versatile strength training equipment used by the military. An ideal option for a standing military press for biceps and shoulders. In addition to the lower limbs, it is convenient for the bench press with an optional weight bench.

Lexco rack

With its althereal rest, it secures training and protects the user from injuries. To do squats, for example, the integrated device makes it possible to catch up with the bar in the event of a fall. It is an ideal fitness equipment to complement the workouts in the gym.

Is the Weight Rack really practical for standing and bench press?

Our professional weight rack is a popular piece of equipment for athletes to work the body in its entirety. Our squat rack allows you to vary the rhythm of the exercises in order to effectively gain the muscles of the body. For more efficient muscle development, consider going up in 3 steps, accelerating the pace or going down slowly. To add difficulty to your squat exercise, place the barbell at the back of your neck. Thus, as you progress, you will get a good result.

Features :

Specification Size: W1.931 × L1.445 × H2.261mm (76 ″ × 56.9 ″ × 89 ″) Product
Weight: 152kg (335lb)
Material: Interval Pipe 50 X 105 3.0T
CHARACTERISTICS Dual chining handles that provide a variety of exercises
14 position locking and 6 disc holder
14 locked position for safe movement
6 disc holder



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