Elliptique professionnel Lexco LE7

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Lexco LE7 professional elliptical

Our company presents our Lexco LE7 professional elliptical.

Are you having trouble finding the right elliptical for your gym?

We offer you a wide choice of cardio equipment, to offer you always complete sessions.

Why you should choose us for the choice of an elliptical?

Our Lexco cardio brand is a pioneer in professional cardio machines and professional weight machines.

Do you want to buy a connected elliptical ? We have our best seller The Lexco LE7 Professional Elliptical.

Lexco LE7 Elliptical

An elliptical for intensive use with exceptional features. Want the best treadmill? Here it is recharging your mobile phone by induction, racing simulation on many routes, a large ultra HD screen to dazzle your workout, a power and robustness exceeding your expectations.

Lexco LE7 professional elliptical

Lexco LE7 professional elliptical

Lexco professional elliptical

Discover our Lexco LE7 professional elliptical  suitable for a wide audience with intensive professional use. A high- performance cardio fitness machine that you can find all over the world in various high-end gyms. A professional in the sports profession must offer robust sports equipment for his customers.

Choosing the best treadmill is a long-term investment. An elliptical with increased performance, exceptional design and optimal comfort of use are characteristics to be taken into account. Designed for professional use, our Lexco collection is a world benchmark for professional fitness equipment .

Are you looking for modern equipment for your gym or practice?

We have what you need when it comes to professional cardio equipment. A wide range of connected and non-connected devices with spectacular performance.

Why you should choose us when choosing an elliptical trainer?

The elliptical trainer is a high-intensity activity that is popular with fitness enthusiasts. Also, it is important to note that the body continues to burn calories 12 hours after activity. All this to say that if your gym has never hosted an elliptical trainer, now is the time to make the right choice and choose this model designed by experts in the field.

This elliptical model stands out from other series by the technological contribution it brings during the activity. Our elliptical offers ease of use and a choice of the most complete programs.

This device is a real technological marvel, a dream for true elliptical trainer enthusiasts. All major gyms around the world should choose this model. If you choose this elliptical trainer, the success of your establishment will be assured.

Specification Dimensions: L1700 x W760 x H1,730 mm
Weight: 175 kg (386 lb)
Maximum authorized weight: 180 kg (397 lb)
Input power: Self-production
1 ~ 30 load adjustment phase
Characteristics Self-powered USB terminal charging system for
loading of high capacity batteries Cupholders / reading foot
heart Contact
Display Display of exercise information: time, distance, calories, speed, rpm, WATTS, METS, heart rate, exercise results
Display mode: alphanumeric, LED
Language: English
Exercise mode: Manual, Warm Up (3), Autopilot, Interval, Alpine ( 5), HRC, Fit, USER (3)


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