Appareil de musculation Leg Extension Lexco / modèle LS-115


Lexco Leg Extension Weight Training Machine / LS-115 Model

Lexco Leg Extension weight training machine / LS-115 model. Choose a Lexco Leg Extension weight system to adopt a comfortable sitting position to work the muscles of the quadriceps. Our guided load machine is made with an ultra-qualitative 3 mm thick steel structure. All of our Lexco reference equipment series are well designed to offer better user comfort and safety. Also, they stand out with their classic and modern design that fits into any space. Whether you are a rehabilitation practice or a professional gym, our professional leg extension fitness machine is all you need!

Why a professional weight machine?

When you want a weight machine for your sports club, you usually have a choice between the professional range and the amateur one. Sometimes you tend to prioritize your budget to guide your choice. Although this is an important criterion, it should not be your only guide.

Indeed, other elements such as quality, performance or ergonomics should interest you. After all, this is still the equipment for professionals.

Why choose a professional weight machine over an amateur machine?

We do not devalue amateur weight machines ! They have strengths and can help you achieve your goals. However, when owning a fitness and / or bodybuilding establishment, the most important thing is to meet the desires of each client precisely.

For this, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this with amateur equipment. This is why, for each position, you must equip yourself with at least one professional weight machine . This is the case, for example, with Lexco fitness accessories which accompany you in all your multisport projects.

Leg Extension Lexco

For individuals, having a professional weight machine is also an asset. For good reason, this type of device guarantees maximum safety and easily reaches the targeted areas of your body. Unlike amateur devices, they can withstand for many years while maintaining the same performance.

If the Lexco fitness range is one of the leaders in France in the development of professional sports equipment, it is mainly for the love and know-how of their experts.

As you probably know, the success of any project depends mainly on the professionals involved in it. This is why we provide you with all types of specialists to help you achieve your goals.

Do you want a professional weight machine for cardio, general weight training, cross-training, the gym, or for another professional sport? Contacting us would be the first step towards the success of your project.

Professional weight training machine: what you will find with us

When it comes to the manufacture of professional weight machines, we have almost no limit. Indeed, our team adapts to each technological innovation in order to produce you the first choice equipment for your club or your sports association .

This is for example the case with our weight machines with various designs and fully customizable on request. Also think about cardio equipment (seated, recumbent, rowing machine, elliptical, treadmill, etc.).

And that’s not all! We also provide you with a professional bodybuilding machine specific to Crossfit, Outdoor, Wellness, as well as for all the different types of sports ground for your disciplines.

Finally, since we always have what you need at the best price, why waste time looking elsewhere for what you have on site? Contact us and benefit from our many years of experience which will contribute to the success of all your sports projects .

Lexco LS-115 Leg Extension Weight Training Machine

Lexco LS-115 Leg Extension Weight Training Machine

Why choose to train on a professional Lexco Leg Extension?

Our professional fitness equipment allows bodybuilders to work the quadriceps without putting too much strain on the back area. This helps reduce the risk of injury during exercise. For better safety against possible accidents, our weight training equipment has been tested against impacts by engineers. The integrated biomechanical system allows users to adopt the correct gestures. Thanks to its innovative construction, beginners and advanced alike can add the load weight as you go without getting up.

Is Leg Extension weight training equipment reliable for training the quadriceps?

Having been made with an anatomical shape, this professional training device will meet the needs of fitness in a professional setting. Its soft leather support cushion adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. This helps reduce the contraction of the knees as well as the spine. While seated, the user can activate the departure angle to increase the weight of the load according to its capacity.


Specification Size: W997 × L1.311 × H1.506mm (39.3 ″ × 51.6 ″ × 59.3 ″) Product
weight: 238 kg (525 lb)
Block weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
Material: Hose to estimate 50 X 105 3.0 T
Outer cover: ABS Material
Double-sided urethane foam sheet (memory foam)
Characteristics Push button adjustable in different positions
Gas shock absorber with 10 levels Shobar + rack gear Rear
and rear adjustable Backrest and backrest inclined
ABS material Double-sided cover for better muscle contraction
Remarks LS-115


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